Join Us

If a school wishes to join the Altus Education Partnership it will first need to convert to academy status. Each academy joining the Trust will still receive its funding from the ESFA but this will come through the MAT rather than the local authority. Altus will receive a percentage of this funding in order to provide all the centralised services that are provided for the academies. When converting to an academy, each school will receive a £25 000 grant from the Department for Education (DfE) to fund the conversion process.

Full details on how to become an academy

Existing Academies

If you are an existing academy and you wish to join us then you will need to have the consent of the Secretary of State for Education via the ESFA and/or the Regional Schools Commissioner. Although there is no requirement for the MAT or the single academy to consult generally with stakeholders, it is considered good practice for academy trusts to inform parents, staff and other key stakeholders about the proposals and give them the opportunity to respond. The Trust will then complete the required documentation with the DfE. If you are considering joining us, please click on the link below for further information.